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The Parishioner's Resource Directory
The Parishioner's Resource Directory is also available here as a downloadable PDF (431kb) or at St. Denis Church in the Vestibule.

Parish Resources

St. Denis parishioners belong to a community of faith that strives to provide spiritual and social support to its members. A variety of resources are available to those individuals or organizations who need assistance or a place to meet.

Keresey Hall | Bulletin Announcements
Ecumenical Food Pantry
| Ride to Mass
Home Visitations

Keresey Hall

Keresey Hall is used for Religious Education and many ministries within the parish. The Hall may be used by parishioners with the permission of the pastor. Please call the Rectory to make arrangements.

Bulletin Announcements

Please visit the Mass page for more information on placing announcements in our weekly bulletin.

Ecumenical Food Pantry

Please visit The Gift of Giving section for more information on St. Denis’ Ecumenical Food Pantry.

Ride to Mass

St. Denis calls upon a network of volunteers to provide rides to Mass to those who may need help with transportation. Please call the Rectory if you would like assistance in getting to and from Mass.

Home Visitations

If you are shut in due to illness or age, or if you are hospitalized and cannot come to Mass, please call the Rectory for information on receiving the sacrament of Eucharist.

Home | About Us | Ministries | Schedules | Faith Formation | Calendar | The Mass

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