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St. Denis Church, Douglas, MAMission Statement

As a growing community of worshippers, we the family of St. Denis seek to be united in faith and prayer, to worship God and to serve all His people. We desire to be active witnesses to God’s presence among us, and we dedicate ourselves to answer Christ’s call to love and serve one another in this ever-changing world. We seek to reach out to all, by inviting them to join in celebration through weekly worship at Mass, and by offering many opportunities for them to share their time, talent and treasure throughout the year. As a worshipping family, we accept our responsibility to spread the Good News of Jesus, to strengthen our faith for our families, and to extend that faith to the community and those in need.


From the Pastor's DeskFrom the Pastor's Desk
We welcome you to the faith community of St. Denis Parish. We are a pilgrim people in transition from a small village parish to a suburban town parish. We attempt to incorporate the charm, closeness and familiarity of the small village with the dynamic flow and challenges of an ever expanding suburban community. We are in essence a pilgrim community growing, changing and moving into the future.

We are a Catholic community rooted firmly in the Eucharistic presence of the Lord Jesus and the presence of His word in Sacred Scripture. We attempt to keep our focus always on living the Gospel in our daily lives and ultimately our true destiny, eternal life with our God and brother Jesus Christ. With all of our human imperfections, we welcome you to join us as we attempt to respond with open hearts and open arms, to the call of Jesus and the challenges of our ever changing environment.

May God bless you on your personal journey as you join the living faith community of St. Denis Parish.

Father Ernie Allega

New Parishioners
St. Denis warmly welcomes all newcomers to our parish! If you have been attending mass regularly, but have not taken the opportunity to register with the church, we invite you to do so at this time. There are many opportunities for you to be more involved in our community that are outlined on this web site. Watch the bulletin for events here at St. Denis and the Diocese or call the Rectory for further information on how you can become more involved.

Parishioners, Family Members & Friends
If you know of someone who is ill at home or hospitalized and is in need of prayer, or who is unable to celebrate the Eucharist with us in the church because of age or illness, please contact the Rectory.


Father Ernie Allega, Pastor

Nancy Norberg, Adminstrator

Kathy Archambault, Religious Education Director

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